What Makes KonnectONE’s IoT/M2M Customer Service the industry Gold Standard?
At KonnectONE, we stay connected to you and help every step of the way with:


Experienced, Dedicated M2M Professionals: 

KONNECTONE customers have access to a dedicated team of experts.  KonnectONE specializes and exclusively serves the M2M market, so we’re focused on you and your solutions. KONNECTONE Level 1 & Level 2 support are available during business hours and the call will be answered. After hours, an emergency paging system locates and dispatches the issue to the technicians on call, 24/7/365.


A Transparent, Automatic Escalation Process: 

KonnectONE has a streamlined escalation pathway across multiple tiers of IoT/M2M customer support. If a customer has an issue that cannot be solved within a stated time frame, based on priority level, it is automatically escalated to the next tier. We can also escalate problems to carrier partners as needed while driving the resolution as a lead for the customer the entire way.


Troubleshooting Tools:

As part of our business management platform, KonnectONE has an advanced trouble ticketing feature that allows customers to log trouble tickets and follow their progress both by logging into the system and by e-mails sent on a regular basis as it moves through each stage until the ticket comes to complete resolution.


Network Monitoring: 

KonnectONE’s technical support service tools allow the IoT/M2M customer support team to immediately detect issues and identify from where the problem stems: the network, connectivity, or the application. KonnectONE support personnel can verify a device is active and on the network, its location, and the information about the last completed data session within the last 30 days. KonnectONE also receives real-time outage reports from all of our carrier partners, often making us aware of outages even before the carrier. We can isolate various issues quickly and, when needed, communicate partner resolution status to customers as we get updates. We help all downstream customers by providing diagnostic information to quickly address and resolve any problems.


Service-Level Metrics Reporting:

KonnectONE measures aspects of our global network service delivery and IoT/M2M customer service, then reports on network- specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and customer-specific metrics, such as number of trouble tickets opened by priority level, average time to resolution, and many other service-level metrics, so we are always on aware of our IoT/M2M customer support performance.


Annual Operations Reviews: 

KonnectONE performs annual operations reviews upon request and at your convenience, including a summary of all operations- and support-related metrics.

At KonnectONE, we pride ourselves at providing the best IoT/M2M customer support in the industry, with a customer 1st policy. Our team is ready to assist in providing not only answers but solutions…


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