About KonnectONE

About Us

KonnectONE helps businesses and enterprises innovate for a hyperconnected world.  We team with you and integrate transformational enablers like the Internet of Things (IoT) to create sustainable value for you and your customers.

We are innovators and disruptors. We see innovation as more than technology. We see product, service, business model, and user experience innovation.

We see disruption enabling innovative products and services to be delivered innovatively and profitably through innovative business models.

Today, the industrial Internet of Things (industrial IoT) is becoming more common and more complex.  Consumers are able to track their heartbeat and steps with wearables and smart watches while transportation companies are able to analyze real-time data on fuel consumption of their fleets across multiple territories.  Every consumer and company want to track everything from their cars and trucks to their kids and pets.

Disruption is the new normal

  • Your business and customers are being disrupted in a hyper-connected world.
  • New technologies disrupt business models, customer experiences and service delivery.
  • The speed and frequency of disruption is outpacing your capabilities and competitive advantages.

Innovation is not an option

  • Innovating is hard.
  • Innovating the right things is harder.
  • Innovating the right things fast and frequently is hardest.

Data accelerates disruption

  • IoT creates new data.
  • New ideas and strategies are needed.
  • Digital transformation of your business is mandatory.


KonnectONE, a Seattle based company, is strategically aligned to drive success for our customers in both the retail (B2C) and open market (B2B) spaces and can leverage wealth of experience and relationships in both direct and indirect channels with more than 30+ years of technology sales experience working with OEMs, mobile operators, resellers, and channel partners to offer best in breed advantages which will help de-risk our customers go-to-market plans for IoT solutions.